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Addendum: This article was posted a few months ago, but I felt it was necessary to update the science a bit and add why sleep is absolutely relevant to the fat loss game. 

Before we press into the science, I am going to assume that everyone knows how to fall asleep.  Crazier things have happened so I can’t take anything for granted anymore these days.  Ok, bad joke. My bad. More science, less jokes.  Got it.

While sleep is a regular constant facet in each of our lives, most people don’t know how to sleep well.  Why?  Because our culture breeds horrible sleeping habits.

When you were younger what’d your parents tell you?  Carpe diem, right?  Seize the day.   Don’t sleep your life away.  Blah Blah Blah.  You’ve heard it all before.

If you’re a 9to5er, I’m going to be a little harsher and say that you definitely could get adequate sleep, but the priority isn’t there because most don’t understand the integral importance of it.

You can have the best diet plan from Jenny Craig (-_-) and the best workout from Jillian Michaels (-_-)(-_-) and you still won’t get any results if your sleep schedule isn’t in check.  Ok, fine you won’t get any results from them anyways because well you know.  But that’s another post for another time.

From Brad Pilon’s informative book on intermittent fasting Eat Stop Eat, we learn that there are only two fundamental absolute truths to nutrition and fat loss:

There are a multitude of diets out there that will work.  For me to sit here and tell you that there is one absolute way to lose fat is a scientific fallacy.

A bunch of inadequate nutritional strategies can and will make you lose fat as long as you…

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